2017 Tournament

Poster29th Invitational Tournament

May 6, 2017

Lourdes Academy, Oshkosh Wisconsin

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The 29th ABBA Tournament will provide martial artists of all ages and skills with a safe and positive venue that emphasizes sportsmanship, fairness and the virtues of the martial arts. We will be returning to Lourdes Academy this year. We plan to have at least eight rings and a schedule of events designed to keep the tournament moving. As always, food, refreshments and merchandise will be available.

As a not-for-profit organization, American Black Belt Academy sincerely appreciates the support and participation of your school and your students. We also welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.

Tournament Registrations Information:

2017 PreApplication Form 2017_PreApplication-form.pdf
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Program 2017 Short Program-2017-Short_2.pdf
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Program 2017 Long Program-2017-Long_2.pdf
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