Tournament Rules


Clean and proper martial arts uniforms required. All competitors are expected to behave in a manner befitting a martial artist.


Scoring based on: accuracy, breath control, focus, timing of the movements, power, balance and relaxation.


Two attempts allowed per station. Scoring based on: difficulty, power, speed, accuracy, relaxation, balance, reflex action, distance, positioning, and number of attempts. The maximum number of boards allowed per competitor are:

•    Ranks 10, 9, 8 & 7

•    Ranks 6, 5, 4 & 3

•    Ranks 2 & 1, all Dans1 boards

2 boards

3 boards

Boards must be 1″x12″ pine. Competitors in Regular divisions supply their own boards. Board width may be: 4″, 6″, 8″, or 10″. Boards are subject to review by officials. Shaved or planed boards, unsuitable boards or the use of spacers are not allowed. Officials may prohibit a break if they feel the attempt jeopardizes the safety of the competitor. Competitors attempting multiple breaks at a station need extra boards in case of a partial break. A limited number of boards will be available for sale at the tournament.

Breaking techniques using the head are not allowed. If deemed safe, competitors may use obstacles, or may have board holders stand on chairs or platforms. However, using trampolines, spring boards, platforms or people to aid in jumping or leaping are prohibited. 


Authorized Areas

•    Head: all areas above the neck except the face –– light contact foot attacks ONLY.

•    Body: the front area covered by the chest protector below the neck and above the belt. Hand attacks must be closed front hand techniques.


Points awarded only if attacks are executed with proper technique, and contact is made in an eligible area. No points awarded if a competitor falls down after executing an attack. However, points may be awarded if an attacker falls after being pushed by their opponent.

•    Foot Attack: Two points for a successful attack to head, one point for successful attack to body.

•    Hand Attack: One point for a successful attack to body.


Light contact ONLY. Chest protectors differentiate competitors and provide extra safety. They are NOT meant to allow for uncontrolled kicks and punches!


Each match will be two minutes. In case of a tie, a one-minute sudden-death overtime will determine the winner. If no points are scored in that period, the referee and judges shall determine the winner.

Mandatory Sparring Equipment

Head protector, mouth guard, shin/instep or instep protectors, fist/forearm protectors or fist protectors, chest protector (provided either by tournament, or by the competitor). Males must have a protective cup worn under uniform.

Excessive Contact

In case of excessive contact, as determined by the referee and judges, the following shall occur:

1.   First infraction: a warning with no awarding of point(s).

2.   Second infraction: no awarding of point(s) and the loss of two points for the offender.

3.   Third infraction: disqualification of the offender.

Immediate Disqualification

A competitor shall be immediately disqualified for any of the following:

1.   Unsportsmanlike conduct.

2.   Injuring the opponent by malicious attack.

3.   Injuring the opponent by illegal technique.

4.   Intentionally attacking unauthorized area.

Illegal Techniques:

Open hand techniques, hand attacks to the head or neck, holding an opponent, continued attacks from a clinching form, attacks to unauthorized areas of the body, attacks from the floor, sweeps and takedowns.

NOTE: The Tournament Director has the final decision in case of controversy. By participating in the ABBA Tournament, each competitor agrees to abide by the Director’s decisions.

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